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Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


As the UK celebrates this glorious weather, we are very excited to announce we have some new residents in two of our bird boxes on the farm!

After successfully watching last year’s clutch all hatch and fly away, we’re more than pleased to welcome another two female Blue Tits who we hope will continue to nest and lay over the next few weeks. They may even be related to the tenants before – who knows!

As part of our promise to be 100% Green, wherever possible we work in tandem with nature to create a symbiotic relationship with the environment and wildlife around us. We leave uncultivated areas along the banks of the River Brue which runs through our farm. This encourages wildlife and wildflowers to flourish. It’s not uncommon to see lapwing birds, herons and the occasional kingfisher lurking around the trout pools.

It’s early days for the Blue Tit occupying Nest Box One – she’s been cleaning for the last couple of days and we hope she’ll soon be bringing in material for a nest. Nest Box Two seems to be the residence of a Blue Tit keen to settle – the nest is growing daily!  With things so busy here on the farm we need your help – make sure to check in and watch our live camera feed, available for you to view 24 hours a day, below.  Take a screen shot if you see any activity and let us know!

UPDATE – both clutches have now fully fledged. We’ll keep you updated with more news from the nest next Spring!

March 2019


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