We owe a lot to a very special Grandmother.

A few things have changed since our Grandmother Ivy made her first truckles of Cheddar. But some things never will.

Still made in Somerset – the home of real Cheddar.

Our cows will always graze the beautiful pastures that surround our farm, on grass made extra lush by the mild Somerset climate, with its long summer days and rain showers. After all, that’s what makes their milk so rich and creamy.

 And although the cheese-making process isn’t as labour intensive now, the traditional methods used by our ancestors haven’t been lost in the gleam of stainless steel.

Cows image

Still made in individual batches – to Ivy’s secret recipe.

Our cheese is aged in wooden maturing boxes and constantly monitored by our Master Cheese Grader, to ensure a delicious taste and guaranteed quality.

It’s this commitment that’s helped us win more awards than any other Farmhouse Cheddar brand. Something we’re very proud of. And we know Ivy would be too.

Made To A Secret Recipe

A recipe so special, it’s locked in a safe on our farm.

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Made of Somerset.

To us, taking care of our cows, local area and environment is just as important as crafting the finest Cheddar.

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Made Using 100% Green Energy

Caring for the environment is at the heart of what we do.

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