Where can I buy Wyke Farms Cheddar and butter?

You can find our award-winning cheese in major supermarkets as well as smaller independent stores and delis.

Asda Lidl Sainsburys Tesco Waitrose

But don’t worry if you don’t live near one of our retailers – all of our Cheddar can be purchased online.

Or if you’re ever in the area, pop in and see our great range of cheese in our Somerset Farm Shop located on our farm – for directions see here.

Is Wyke Farms Cheddar and butter suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are suitable for vegetarians.

Who grades the cheese at Wyke Farms?

Diane Cox and Nigel Pooley are our expert cheese graders.

Nigel, affectionately known as Nige-The-Nose has been with us for over 17 years and in that time has graded over 1.5 million tonnes of Cheddar.

Understandable, Nige’s nose is very important. Which is why it was valued at £5 million.

Diane, not only grades Cheddar but also grades butter too. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry she’s an expert in her field.

Together they make sure that all our cheese and butter lives up to our exceptionally high standards.

What are the secret ingredients for Wyke Farms Cheddar?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you. Our Grandmother Ivy’s recipe is so secret, we keep it locked in a safe on the farm.

However, we can tell you that the lush, green, Somerset grass our cows graze on is what makes their milk so rich and creamy – and that helps make our Cheddar so delicious. Combined with the skills of our highly experienced Master Cheese Grader and the traditional cheese-making methods we still use.

What makes Wyke Farms ‘100% Green’?

Using our Biogas Plant and solar panels we generate enough energy to make us completely self-sufficient. Every year we will look to evaluate our efforts making sure we are as green as we can be.

Read more about our 100% Green commitment.

Can we visit the Wyke Farms Sustainable Energy Visitor Centre?

Yes we’d love to see you. The centre was created for groups, such as schools and businesses, to learn more about sustainability. You just need to schedule in your tour first as we’re a working farm, just fill out a form and we’ll get in touch.

How many years have Wyke Farms been farming in Somerset?

We’ve tracked our family history back over 150 years, and we’re still tracking our heritage back as we know that our family have been working the land for over 500 years. There’s even evidence of Cheddar making in the region dating back to Roman times.

View the Clothier Family timeline.

When is the Wyke Farms Farm Shop open?

Monday–Friday: 9am–5pm.
Saturday: 9am–1pm.*

*Only open on Saturdays April–September.

If you’re passing, come and say hello. Here’s how to find us.