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Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


We’re very excited to have been selected to test the very first methane tractor prototype ever made for the UK. And we couldn’t think of a better fit for our 100% Green farm.

The tractor, developed by New Holland, has 80% less polluting emissions than a standard diesel tractor and can run entirely on bio-methane derived from waste and produced by on-farm Anaerobic Digestion Plants just like ours. We can’t think of a better fit for renewables – the fuel for the tractor which harvests our crops to feed our cows, starts life as poo from the same herd – it can’t get better than that!

So we’ve been lucky enough to have a ride & use it on our farm, we’ve got the technology and resource to fuel it, now we just need New Holland to roll out the real thing so we can have complete energy independence on the farm, making our business fully fit for the future!

June 2016


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