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Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


Our family have been entering awards since Grandma Ivy first started cheese-making over 150 years ago, but this year has been a record-breaking year for our annual awards list.

Since the start of the year we’ve been attending shows with our farmhouse cheese and butter and won 81 awards! Our Extra Mature has won fifteen ‘Gold’ awards, with our Mature and Vintage varieties also receiving prizes for their taste and quality. And it doesn’t stop there; our butter, still made to Grandmother Ivy’s recipe, has won more awards than any other year, receiving accolades such as ‘Best Farmhouse Butter’ and ‘Best Somerset Butter’.

It’s clear that we owe a lot to one very special lady, whose secret recipe for both our cheese and butter has won us more awards than any other cheese-maker – that’s why both recipes are always kept in a safe on our family farm.

September 2016


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