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Richard Clothier, Managing Director


A cheeseboard at Christmas is one of those foodie traditions that most families would not be without. For us it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t celebrate with cheese! We’ve even found a great fact which states that when eaten with bread or crackers, the protein in cheese slows down the absorption of carbohydrates so helps balance blood-sugar levels, warding off cravings and improving mood!

Now with little reason to resist we’ve got the perfect selection of Cheddar made by our family for yours to enjoy over the festive period…

Ivy’s Vintage Reserve Cheddar

Using milk derived from the fresh pastures of the Mendip hills our favourite Cheddar has a truly crumbly texture and exquisite tangy savoury taste formed from careful maturation of up to 15 months under the watchful eye of our head cheese makers. Made to my Grandmother Ivy’s 150 year old recipe our Ivy’s Vintage Reserve is as special as the lady who first made it.

Beautifully Balanced Smoked Cheddar

A new take on our Extra Mature, this Cheddar is first left, undisturbed for around 12 months to develop a full and rounded flavour before being smoked over Thatchers Heritage cider infused oak chips in a traditional smokehouse for a minimum of sixteen hours to achieve a deep, rich complex flavour.

A recipe inspired by Wyke Farms’ brothers and cheese makers Jim and John Clothier , who one summer cut back and burned the cider apple trees’ branches next to their mother’s (Ivy Clothier) cheese store and consequently infused the cheese with an applewood smoked flavour! Now it is of course smoked in a professional way, but still retains all of that same Somerset flavour!

Lovely and Distinct Red Leicester

Crafted in much the same way as our Cheddar, but made with whole milk and double milled to give that crumblier open texture and distinctive creamy nutty full flavour.  Our farmhouse Red Leicester is matured for 5 months, allowing the development of a slightly mellow sweet, nutty flavour.  Fantastic for recipes such as Welsh Rarebit, but equally as good on a cheese board, it’s sweet nutty flavour compliments fruits and wine.

All our cheese products are traceable from farm to pack by being Red Tractor Assured and are available from most major stockists as well as on our online shop.

December 2015


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