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Celebrating 33 Years of Service with 10,000th Cheese Order


Martin Pollard joined us at Wyke Farms in May 1987. As a ‘South West Sales Rep’ he was tasked with acquiring sales across multiple categories including wholesale and foodservice in schools and colleges.

Developing sales and acquiring business back then was a very different picture.  Joining in a pre-internet era meant Martin had to take frequent trips to his local library to scour the Yellow Pages for potential sales, and if he wasn’t doing this you would find him out in the fields ‘van spotting’. In addition to this, Martin would target dairies who still had milk floats and offered farm visits with the aim to enable as many people as possible to experience the cheese making first-hand.

Many of the contacts Martin made all those years ago are still maintained today, he said “although time and methods have changed; I no longer need to drive so much but relationships are still at the heart of what I do”.

At 82 years old Martin has no plans of retirement, securing his 10,000th cheese order this month.  Thank you to Martin and all of our employees who play a crucial role in the making of our award-winning cheddar!

May 2020


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