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Cheese and Wine, The Perfect Pair: Cheese Matched with When in Rome


Few combinations are as timeless and classic as wine and cheese – the true power couple! These pairings are guaranteed to steal the spotlight at your next dinner party or cosy gathering at home. Our Master Cheese Grader, Diane Cox and Chief Sommelier Iain Thurgar from When in Rome have come together to bring you four perfect cheese and wine pairings. Join us in celebrating a classic combination that stands the test of time. Let’s toast to sustainability and great taste!



Wyke Farms Mature Cheddar & When in Rome’s Pecorino

The Cheeses: 

  • Wyke Farms Mature Cheddar: This cheddar boasts a rich, nutty flavour with a hint of caramel sweetness. Its crumbly texture makes it a delightful choice for pairing. 

The Wine: 

  • When in Rome’s Pecorino: The crisp acidity and citrus undertones of Pecorino beautifully complement the cheddar’s creaminess. Sip this wine while savouring a slice of mature cheddar, and you’ll understand why these two were meant for each other.





Wyke Farms Extra Mature Cheddar & When in Rome’s Pinot Grigio

The Cheeses: 

  • Wyke Farms Extra Mature Cheddar: Bold, intense, and full-bodied, this cheddar packs a flavour punch. Its crumbly texture reveals layers of complexity, making it a cheese lover’s dream. 

The Wine: 

  • When in Rome’s Pinot Grigio: Light, refreshing, and zesty, this Italian white wine dances on the palate. Its notes of green apple and pear provide a delightful contrast to the cheddar’s richness. Take a sip, nibble on the extra mature cheddar, and let your taste buds rejoice.


Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar & When in Rome’s Primitivo/Rosato

The Cheese:

  • Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar: Aged to perfection, this cheddar exudes complexity. Its sharpness, caramel undertones, and crumbly texture make it a true connoisseur’s choice. 

The Wines: 

  • When in Rome’s Primitivo: A bold, red Italian wine with dark fruit flavours and a hint of spice. Its velvety texture complements the vintage cheddar beautifully. Sip alongside a slice of Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar for a symphony of flavours. 
  • When in Rome’s Rosato: A delightful rosé with notes of strawberries and floral aromas. Its freshness and lightness provide a lovely contrast to the cheddar’s depth. Enjoy with a cracker topped with the vintage cheddar—it’s like a garden party for your taste buds.




Ivy’s Reserve Somerset Red Cheese & When in Rome’s Primitivo

The Cheese:

  • Ivy’s Reserve Somerset Red Cheese: Made to Ivy’s family recipe with all the care we put into our vintage Cheddar, our new Somerset Red is creamy, nutty, very moreish, and decidedly different.

The Wine: 

  • When in Rome’s Primitivo: The bold, fruity character of Primitivo marries well with the Somerset Red Cheese. The wine’s ripe plum and blackberry notes enhance the cheese’s creaminess. Sip and savour the Somerset Red Cheese—it’s like a cosy fireside chat with old friends. 


Cheers to the perfect pair! 


May 2024


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