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Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


There’s not many foods like Cheddar– it’s a great protein source, full of vitamins and calcium, and to top it all, it’s mouth-wateringly irresistible! That’s why from today onwards we’ll be helping you make the most of our Cheddar through the launch of our new #CheeseForTea campaign, which will celebrate all the wonderful ways you can use our award-winning cheese in your cooking.

As a family run business we care about meal-times. #CheeseForTea is about helping you cook easy to make, wholesome meals for your family, using Cheddar made by ours. Whether used as an alternative protein source, or as an added extra, all our cheese varieties can be used to make something truly delicious and you don’t have to go far to find ideas – simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have a #CheeseForTea idea then be sure to contact us!

Plus make sure to visit our recipe page for some ideas we’ve already cooked up!

April 2016


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