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Rich Clothier, Managing Director


Well this is exciting news – we have been selected as the National Champion in the European Business Awards, in the Environmental and Corporate Sustainability category. Wow. We weren’t expecting that!

Our 100% green strategy has attracted a fair amount of wonderful attention here in the UK but to receive European recognition is a real testament to the team all based here in Somerset who have been committed to achieving the 100% self sufficient status. Our integrated green approach runs through renewable energy, water recovery, green farming and transport and all of our energy is generated from solar and biogas.

We like to say that our cheddar is ‘made from nature by nature’ because that’s exactly what’s happening here as we turn our farm waste into energy that goes on to power the fridges to keep the milk cool, the cheese production process, the cheese maturing store and even the vehicles moving around the farm.

As a National Champion we will now go on to represent the UK in the next phase of the competition. The awards this year have so far attracted over 32,000 businesses in 33 countries and the received over 170,000 votes from the general public.

Such a wonderful responsibility to have bestowed, but now it’s time to get our heads down and focus on the next stage which will include a video entry for public vote.  Watch this space!

October 2015


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