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Lifetime’s Supply of Renewable Electricity Winner Announced

Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


Advertised on nearly two million of our promotional cheese packs across the UK, our competition with renewable energy friends Good Energy, officially came to a close when our lucky winner and her family came to the farm last week to collect her prize.

Becca Eccles and her family, who live in Gloucestershire, were delighted to be informed they’d won a lifetime’s supply of renewable electricity worth £22,000, the grand prize of the partnership promotion that ran from February to July 2017. That’s enough energy to make 1.5 million slices of cheese on toast!

A self-confessed ‘Green’ family, the Eccles’ who are passionate about being sustainable had already been proud Good Energy customers for five years and couldn’t resist entering for the chance to win an electricity supply for a lifetime after enjoying our cheese from their local supermarket.

Wyke are proud to supply surplus electricity made at our Sustainable Energy Centre back to the National Grid so that Good Energy customers like Becca can live using green energy.

Here at Wyke we believe if you look after nature, nature will look after you. Becca’s prize of a lifetime’s supply of renewable electricity will prevent approximately 43 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the environment. Now that’s worth a slice of cheese on toast!

November 2017


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