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Meet James Barwick – Renewable Energy Technical Manager (Green Team!)


How long have you been at Wyke & what do you do?

I am Renewable Energy Technical Manager at Wyke Farms and I have worked here for over 5 years. I work on a number of technical areas in the business but mainly on renewable energy and environmental. 

What do you like (love..) about working at Wyke?

I really enjoy how varied my job is and that I work on so many different aspects of the business. My job title is only a snapshot of what my day could involve, from sitting at my laptop in my office one minute to being out and about at our AD Plant, in a field when we are digestate spreading or at our production facilities. I like being involved in our many green initiatives and trying to make positive environmental changes across the business which is very satisfying and rewarding. My job at Wyke involves working with so many different people which I really enjoy as the environmental side to our business is an important part in all our operations, more now than ever. 

Its World Earth Day, this week. Can you tell us a little bit about Wyke’s 100% Green initiative?

Wyke Farms started its 100% Green initiative back in 2012 with a goal of improving the environmental sustainability of it business operations. The flagship project is our AD Plant, processing feedstock to generate renewable energy and nutrient rich digestate fertiliser. We also have solar arrays across multiple site roof spaces both which have increased in capacity of the years. Besides this, we are also recovering water from our production processes to reduce our reliance on primary water use. There are many other improvements and solutions we have implemented as part of carbon, water and waste reductions across our sites. 

With our HQ being in the rural setting of Wyke Champflower and our other sites in the surrounding area we are very conscious in our relationship with the ecosystems around us that we depend on to live and work. Farming is an important part of our business and we have been trying to improve habitats on the farm, for example, by increasing tree and hedge planting in recent years. 

Do you have any tips on living a greener lifestyle?

It’s hard to give tips about being green as everyone lives different lifestyles but all I can say is we have all got to try and do our bit to help the environment. There are many different ways to make green lifestyle changes, in the home, commuting, what we buy etc. some of which are more expensive than others. However, at this point in time, we all need to be doing our bit, otherwise the environment that we see today wont be there for future generations to enjoy. As we all know, areas of our planet have already been damaged beyond repair. As stated by David Attenborough “Today we are experiencing environmental change as never before and the need to take action has never been more urgent. To preserve our planet, we need to act now”.

April 2021


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