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Ultimate Cheesemas Canapes


With Christmas Celebrations upon us, we have put together a selection of our favorite cheesy canapes. Enjoy!

Mini Cheddar & Sun Dried Tomato Frittatas

These Sun Dried Tomato & Cheddar Fritattas are the definition of minimum effort, maximum impact! A true crowd pleaser & you probably have the 5 ingredients already. We paired these with a spicy tomato chutney but you can get creative with your dip of choice.

Cheddar, Onion and Cider Rolls

Being based in Somerset, we couldnt resist adding a little cider into one of our canapes! As it happens Thatchers Vintage Cider is the perfect match for our namesake Vintage Reserve Cheddar – these dissappeared very shortly after coming out of the oven. We would suggest leaving yourself a little longer to get these perfect – its worth it!

Cheddar & Chorizo Croquettes

The perfect canape for enjoying with a bottle of bubbly. Devilishly moreish – we would suggest making two batches – you will be craving more by Boxing Day…

And finally, for those with a sweet tooth… Mini Fruit Bundt Cakes

Beautifully festive, these mini fruit bundt cakes are perfect for serving alongside a warm festive tipple.Lightly spiced, packed full of fruit soaked with cider they not only look like little showstoppers, they taste delightfully festive too!

A tradition from the North, fruit cake is surprisingly a great addition to a cheese board. Served alongside cheddar, fruit cakes offer great sweetness and balance to the board. Simply omit the white chocolate topping to these cakes and serve.

December 2020


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