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Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar

Wyke Farms


This month marks the very exciting launch of ‘Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar.’ Made here at Wyke, using milk from herds that graze on Worthy Farm – the home of Glastonbury Festival.

From the 17th of February packs will be available to purchase exclusively in Co-Op stores across the UK. Not only is this a chance for Glastonbury fans to get a taste of Worthy Farm in 2021 – the launch promotion is giving the opportunity to win tickets for the festival when it returns in 2022. Matured under the watchful eye of our master cheese grader for six months, it’s destined to be in every good fridge’s line up. Was there ever a better excuse to eat more cheese?

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Worthy Farm, which is just a stone’s throw away from us in Wyke Champflower. Not only do our families share in a long tradition of Somerset farming, the Eavis family have a long history in cheesemaking too, as Michael Eavis explains:

‘About 100 years ago, my Grandfather decided to make the milk at Worthy Farm into Caerphilly cheese. He secured a good price from the Welsh coal miners, bought the first lorry around here and delivered it once a week to the coal pits. This trade made him quite rich and powerful. But the general strike in 1926 ended all of that. He had to mortgage the farm and close the cheese production down. He converted his AC car (equivalent to the Aston Martin of today) into a horse drawn cart and called it ‘Dofunny.’ The vehicle took the kids to school and went on weekly shopping trips to Glastonbury. Now 100 years later, after 50 years of recent festival history, our farm milk is being made into cheese again by Wyke Farms and the finest reserve cheddar selected for Worthy Farm packs – what a comeback!!’

Our shared family values, passion for sustainable farming & commitment to producing the highest quality cheddar are all things that make our partnership such a natural fit.

We are also very pleased to be working with the Co-op who have a long history of supporting British Farmers. Joanne Wadsworth, Co-op cheese buyer, said: “Co-op is well-known for its support of producers, plus our on-going relationship and shared values with the Glastonbury Festival makes our stores the perfect home for Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar.”

We could not agree more & look forward to seeing Worthy Cheddar being enjoyed all over the UK!

February 2021


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