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Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


Grandmother Ivy’s love for crafting great tasting Cheddar didn’t just end with cheese, it spread to butter too. Since 1861, we’ve been making rich, tasty butter using traditional methods to our secret family recipe. Originally served up for the farmworkers in the fields of Wyke Champflower, and spread generously across a thick slice of freshly baked bread, our butter has been a local favourite for over a century.

Just like our Cheddar our butter is made using 100% Green energy. The new and luxurious look and feel of the newly branded packaging, works in harmony with the multi-award winning Farmhouse Butter offering inside, is branded with the Red Tractor stamp of assurance and tells the story of the Wyke Farms family run business which is now over 150 years old.

We only use the creamiest milk from cows roaming the lush, green pastures of the Mendip Hills, to craft a butter that Ivy always used to say was the perfect ingredient. Whether it’s using our unsalted for baking or salted for spreading on toasted crumpets, we’ve come up with some simply mouth-watering recipes.

Fancy a try? Our newly branded butter is available now from The Cooperative, Lidl, Tesco South West region and Home Bargains and comes in 250 grams and 7 gram portions.

June 2016


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