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Richard Clothier, Managing Director


A cheeseboard at Christmas is one of those foodie traditions that most families would not be without. For us it wouldn’t be Cheesemas if we didn’t celebrate with cheese!

With little reason to resist we’ve got the perfect assortment of Cheddar made by our family for yours, plus a few other cheesy ideas, to help you select only the best for your cheese-board this festive weekend…

Vintage and Scrumptious Cheddar

Using milk derived from the fresh pastures of the Mendip Hills our Vintage Cheddar has a truly crumbly texture and exquisite tangy savoury taste formed from careful maturation of up to 15 months under the watchful eye of our head cheese makers. This mouth-wateringly moreish cheese can be found in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco (South West) and Lidl stores in time for Christmas Day.

Beautifully Balanced Smoked Cheddar

A new take on our Extra Mature, this Cheddar is first left, undisturbed for around 12 months to develop a full and rounded flavour before being smoked over Thatchers Heritage cider infused oak chips in a traditional smokehouse for a minimum of sixteen hours to achieve a deep, rich complex flavour.

A recipe inspired by Wyke Farms’ brothers and cheese makers Jim and John Clothier, who one summer cut back and burned the cider apple trees’ branches next to their mother’s (Ivy Clothier) cheese store and consequently infused the cheese with an applewood smoked flavour! Now it is of course smoked in a professional way, but still retains all of that same Somerset flavour! This Cheddar is currently stocked in Tesco stores nation-wide under their Finest Cheddar range.

Add a Twist

As well as including our traditional Cheddar’s we like to add a little twist to our board, with an additive or blended cheese. This year our family will be enjoying a selection of flavour fusion® favourites from our friends at Somerset-based Windyridge Cheese. Their Chip Shop Curry® and fiery Afterburn® are certainly great conversation starters!

A Bit of Blue

Finalise your selection with a wedge of blue. Your guests will either love or hate it; but the ultimate cheese-board should have something for everyone to dive into at Cheesemas! This year we’ll be including a soft Bath Blue from the Bath Soft Cheese Company and a harder stilton from specialist makers Long Clawson. Both family favourites of ours.

All our Cheddar products are Red Tractor Assured and are made using 100% Green energy.

December 2016


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