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Lucy Francis, Brand Manager


Rich’s ongoing passion for sustainability and hard work was recognised at this year’s Green Innovation and Finance Awards last week, where he was deservingly crowned ‘Business Leader of the Year’ for his great ambition for Wyke Farms, and for rewriting the farming narrative.

Rich’s ‘practical environmentalism’ has meant he has addressed carbon emissions and water usage in farming and in doing so, ensured our long-standing family business is as environmentally sustainable as it can be. The awards panel admired Rich’s passion and noted he stood out in the category as a keen advocate for sustainable farming, speaking at many conferences around the country in order to encourage others. The judges also highly commended Juliet Davenport at Good Energy as an ‘icon in the space’.

Here at Wyke we are incredibly keen to help others be as ‘green’ as they can be and with our learnings aim to help members of the public, communities and farmers who wish to use their natural assets, such as South facing roofs for solar or organic waste for Anaerobic Digestion to help the environment.

You can find out more about our 100% Green Initiative here.

February 2017


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