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Richard Clothier, Managing Director


Being the first Cheddar brand in the UK to be 100% Green was a massive achievement for us. As a family, we’ve always been proud to do everything in our power to look after the land that provides our livelihood and our home, as technology improves each year, we find more and more ways to do this across many areas of the business.

This year we’ve reached yet another milestone and another first for the Cheddar industry – we’ve achieved Carbon Trust triple standard, of which we are incredibly proud.

The Carbon trust accreditation is the world’s leading independent verification and certification recognising great achievements in sustainability. The triple standard takes into account achievements in energy use and greenhouse gas (CO2e) emissions, water use and waste output.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, said, “Wyke Farms has been at the forefront of sustainability in farming and dairy for many years. Becoming the first UK dairy company to achieve the Carbon Trust Standards for carbon, water and waste underlines the company’s commitment to the environment.  The challenges of the dairy industry have been widely publicised in recent years, but Wyke Farms’ has demonstrated how business performance and environmental management can be combined to create a more sustainable business model.”

We won’t stop there though, we’re going to keep striving in excellence not only in the taste of our Cheddar, but in the sustainable way we produce it. There are other big plans on the horizon to take things even further, watch this space.

May 2016


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