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Jennifer Gray, Marketing Manager


We’ve officially launched our new branding, premium packaging and improved re-sealable zip-pack.

It is fair to say the luxurious look and feel of our newly branded packaging now works in harmony with the multi-award winning cheddar offering inside them.

Our core range of cheddar (Mature, Extra Mature and Vintage) will now be presented in new packaging using state of the art material that has a premium parchment type feel to it; it is tactile, smoother and thicker and is unlike anything seen before within the dairy category.

The re-sealable zip functionality of the new packs is much improved allowing easy opening with no scissors necessary and a satisfying ‘click’ shut fastener.  In addition, the pack itself uses less material (4% weight reduction) adhering to our ongoing promise to be 100% Green.

Fresh New Design

The new packs have several significant changes; our ‘100% Green’ logo has moved to a more prominent front of pack, right side position and balancing this on the left is the Red Tractor logo signifying our British origin and full farm to fork story. Daisy, the iconic Wyke Farms cow keeps pride of place centrally within the refined logo. The packaging also features scatter print illustrations from the family archives subtly sitting in the background and using imagery to communicate our unique family cheese making and farming heritage. The overall pack design and new logo better communicate the brands provenance and farmhouse position.

Darker, more premium colours have been used giving the packs a stronger on shelf presence. The tactile inks were developed especially for us for haptic quality through a parchment feel print finish. The finished product communicates confidence, strength of conviction and permanence and at the same time moves our positioning more towards craft, artisan and rustic by better showcasing our history.

You can find our new packs in store from Monday 12th October.

October 2015


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