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Crafting the finest Cheddar cheese is an art. One that can only be produced by using the best quality milk. Grandfather Tom used to say, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” and we live by that today.


Our farm lies in the heart of the cheddar making region in Somerset where our family have farmed for generations. The climate is gentle and mild, where the warm, moist air blows in from the sea, bringing warmth in the Summer and rain in the Winter. Fertile soil provides rich, green pasture for our dairy cows. The climate provides the best conditions found anywhere in the world for dairy farming.

Our family are passionate about farming and today care for 1,500 acres of beautiful Somerset countryside where our herd of 1,000 dairy cows graze and thrive on a grass rich diet. Many of our cows have family bloodlines that stretch back for generations.

To produce our cheese, we use the milk from our own herds and those of other local family-run farms, the majority of which are within a 50-mile radius of the dairy at Wyke Champflower. All our farms operate to the highest standards of care for their land and herds in accordance with the Red Tractor Assurance scheme.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and through our Wyke Farms ‘Net Positive Farming’ Pillar Farmer Programme we are driving environmental best practice and improvements in key areas on our farms including feed management, soil and land management, manure management and energy management. Working with our farmers we are co-funding energy management surveys with improvement plans.


On farm carbon footprint audits have been built into our work and in 2021 35 of our supplier farms were surveyed to assess the on-farm carbon footprint of milk production. The results found that the Wyke Farms Pilot Group was 20% lower than the UK national average *¹.

*¹1.12 kgCO₂(e)/kgFPCM, significantly lower than the UK average of 1.55 kgCO₂(e)/kgFPCM. Ecoinvent Data 3.7.1.


In 2022 we are developing a soil sampling pilot programme on our farms to understand and unlock the value of soil carbon as a natural climate solution, so that we can assess the potential value that the soil holds as a huge, untapped natural carbon sink.

We uphold a strong commitment to regenerative, sustainable farming working in synergy with our environment, rather than fighting against it. We are committed to a carbon neutral future for dairying – it is the only way forward.

Our Home in the heart Of Somerset.

Wyke Farms
White House Farm
Wyke Champflower
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